Test Your Alarm

It is very important that you test your alarm system at least once a month.  Businesses should test once a week.  By testing your system you can be assured your system is working properly and signals are being received at the monitoring station.

How to test your system:

  • Warn your neighbours you are going to test your alarm system (so they do not call the police)
  • Call the monitoring station at 604-777-3333 or 1-888-325-8885 Option 2.  Give them your name and account number (On your invoice SD#### or LD####) and then your password.  Ask them to put your account on “TEST” for 1 hour.
  • Arm your system as if you were going to leave.  Open and close the door you normally leave out but stay in the house.
  • When the alarm is armed, open and close all windows and doors that are pinned and walk past all motion sensors.
  • Wait 30 seconds then turn off the alarm by entering your code as you would if you just arrived.
  • Wait 3 minutes then call the monitoring station (give them the same information again and ask “what zones came in”.)
  • If a zone was not received by the monitoring station repeat step 3 and violate that zone only.  Allow the siren to be heard for 30 seconds then disarm the system (step 5).  Wait 3 minutes and call the monitoring station again.  (Step 6)
  • If after 2 attempts the zone does not reach the monitoring station your system may require servicing, call or email our Service Department and arrange to have the system checked and repaired

In our fast paced lifestyle we change friends, phone numbers, forget passwords, etc. It is very important to keep your contact information up to date. In the event of an alarm the sooner we can contact you the better.  Click here for Client Update Forms