24-Hour Protection

A single ACI SECURITY system offers 24-hour insurance approved protection from burglary, fire, carbon monoxide and more.

ACI SECURITY Total Connect

Gives you more freedom to control your ACI SECURITY System by allowing you to remotely arm and disarm your system.

Home Health Security Systems

Gives you peace of mind with the simple press of a Personal Help Button putting 'you' in direct contact with an ACI SECURITY Monitoring Professional who can call for help if necessary

Low Temperature Monitoring

Can notify you of dangerously low temperatures in your home before your pipes freeze

Flood Detection

Sensors can notify the Customer Monitoring Centre of rising water in your home from a broken pipe or outside source

Security Link

Helps provide you with a speaker phone connection to an ACI SECURITY specialist when an alarm is received

Fire Monitoring

ACI SECURITY 's Smoke & Heat detectors can help notify you and the ACI Monitoring Centre, so we can call the fire department - even if you're not home

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

ACI SECURITY Monixide Sensors can help notify you if high levels of the 'silent killers' are detected