Douglas Cass 

Security Advisor to ACI Security.

I will be posting Security concerns I have encountered during my 35+ years of security service.  

If you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover email me

Can you install a Camera system that I can view on my Smartphone and also be monitored?

  • Yes, There are many systems available.  From very expensive to extremely cheap.  In this instance "you get what you pay for", but there are some very good system packages at reasonable prices.  Beware of bargin systems.  Give us a call and we can taylor a system to you needs.   

I don't like changing the alarm code everytime we have an employee leave.  Is there a simple solution.

  • Yes.  First, never use or give out the "MASTER CODE".  Most older systems allow at least 6 different user codes and newer systems at least 30.  Set up each person who has access with their own unique 4 digit access code.  (instructions available in your user manual or call us).  Document the user number for each person and keep in a secure location.  When that person leaves just delete their code.  With each person having their own code we can also set up your system to keep track of who arms/disarms the system and what time they do so.  Example.  user 04-Fred, User 05-Mary, User 06-Daisy.  Daisy quits so we just delete the access code for user 06.  Everyone elses code stays the same. 

Is your company Licenced / Bonded?

  • Yes. ACI Security and all of its employees are licenced by  Security Programs B.C.. Our monitoring station (located in New Westminster, B.C.) is "AAA" ULC rated.  


 What is the difference between wireless and hardwired systems.

  • A hardwired system requires wiring from the main panel to each contact point (window, door, motion detector, smoke detector, or flood sensor, etc).  This requires drilling holes and putting in wire.  All wires and contacts are hidden when possible.  A hardwired system costs more to install because the install takes more time and materials. A hardwired system requires very little maintenance.  The wireless system is quicker to install.   In the wireless system each contact has a battery inside and transmits a signal to the main panel.  The contacts are bigger and the batteries do need to be changed every 3-5 years .  The wireless system can be moved from one location to another.